Philips IntelliVue MP30 M8002A Patient Monitor with X2 & M3015A CO2 Module, Recorder and Battery Board


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This system was recently removed from service, has been biomed tested and comes with a 60 day warranty. It is ready for service and comes with everything show in the photos which includes:

Ref. M8002A MP30 touch screen patient monitor
Ref. M3002A X2 patient monitor
Ref. M3015A CO2 module
Ref. M8067-66461 battery board
New adult/juvenile reusable SpO2 finger sensor
New EKG cable with lead wires
New adult regular blood pressure cuff
New skin surface temperature probe
Blood pressure hose
Hospital grade power cord
Ref. M4607A 10.8V 1ah battery (Battery is used but guaranteed good)
Hospital grade power cord

Does not include batteries for the MP30. New batteries are $149 each and it uses 2. Batteries are not needed to operate the monitor when it is plugged in.

The MP30 has Software Rev. K.21.30. Installed options are H10 A04 C01 C02 C15 C20.
The X2 has Software Rev. M.04.05-19. Installed options are C00 C01 C13 C15 C20

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in





IntelliVue MP30


Battery Operated, Touchscreen



Country/Region of Manufacture

United States

Monitor Parameters

Blood Pressure, Blood Pressure – NIBP, Blood Pressure – Systolic Pressure, CO2, CO2 – EtCO2, ECG, O2 – SpO2, Temperature


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