Nihon Kohden SpO2 Lingual Ear Sensor – Veterinary or Medical


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This sensor is new, is made in The USA and comes with a 60 day warranty. It can be used for medical or veterinary use and can be used on the tongue, ear or a fold of skin. This sensor will work with a variety of patient monitors including but not limited to:

2303 Life Scope I, 2303K, 2353 Life Scope L, 4103 TL-101T, 4111, 4113, Life Scope P, 5135 Life Scope A, BSM 2350 Life Scope L, BSM 4101, BSM-2300, Life Scope I, BSM-2301, BSM-2351, BSM-4100 Life Scope P, BSM-5100 Life Scope A, BSM-5105, BSM-6000 series, BSM-6301K, BSM-6501K, BSM-6701K, BSM-9510 Life Scope M, BSM-9800 Life Scope S, Life Scope TR, MSM 2301K, Oxipal P225F and Hamilton G5/S1.

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Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1.5 in
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